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Class Wars Trumpets!

Ready your Heroes for Class Wars! The first Wartune: HOH Class Wars will begin with Preliminaries December the 2nd! Prepare your Hero to battle to the top of the rankings of your Class. On December 4th, following the Class Wars Finals, the top Heroes among Mages, Knights, and Archers will be crowned as Champions!

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If you are able to guess the Champion you will be rewarded with Glory Crystals that you can spend in the Glory Shop!

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Also to give you a taste what it would look like with the Champions and their titles:

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Class Wars Introduction

Class Wars is a massive cross server PvP (Player vs. Player) event which takes place one time per month and where the battles are only among players of the same class. It has its own special currency, glory crystals, and gives unique rewards and titles to the winners. It also has its own shop where the glory crystals can be spent on mounts, legendary stones and more. Only the most powerful players can manage to achieve the top rankings and rewards in Class Wars, but everyone as of level 50 can and does participate in order to win some glory crystals to spend in the Glory Shop.

Class Wars includes the Preliminaries (stay tuned to announced dates; in December 2014 it is on the 2nd and 4th) and then, usually 2 days later, the Finals. In the Preliminaries everyone can and should fight to try to get into the Top 100 winners of their class, but it is important to know that as long as you participate you will win something, so even if you are far away from Top 100 you should still participate and do your best! 🙂

The top 100 players from the Class Wars Preliminaries will then move to the Finals. Fights here will be split into Warlord’s Hall for Top 16 and Warrior’s Hall for everyone else. The rewards may vary per Hall.

After the Preliminaries and before the Finals players can place Guesses on whom they think will rank in the top 3 positions. Correctly guessing the winners can get you lots of rewards!

Preparing for the Class Wars

Since we know that Class Wars happens one time per month and the rewards are very nice it makes sense to prepare well and be as strong as possible for Class Wars. Since you know that you will only fight players of your own class then you might choose strategies to be most efficient in those battles (for example Knights and Archers will not need MDEF and Mages will not need PDEF).

Finally, once the Class Wars begin you can power up to the maximum with the best potions and scrolls available to you in order to reach the peak of your strength and have the greatest chances of winning the battles. Even if you do not get into the top 100 finalists it is still important to win as many battles as possible in order to obtain more glory crystals.

Class Wars WHOH Power Ups

Class Wars Rounds and Rewards

Class Wars begin with the Preliminaries (day will be announced) which have 15 rounds. No matter if you win or lose in these battles you will earn points. Naturally, you will earn more points if you win. Note: the points for winning and losing depends on the version of the Class Wars installed and can vary over time if changes are made to the system, but the logic is usually always the same – winners get full points and losers get half the points.

Once the top 100 finalists are declared then these points are converted into Glory Crystals which can be used in the Glory Shop, so try to earn as many points as possible. The conversion is done by dividing the points by 5, so if you get 3000 points then this will translate to 600 Glory Crystals.

The top 100 finalists per class (so 300 in total) will then fight in the Finals (usually 2 days after Preliminaries) where the competition is fierce, but also the prizes are awesome! Minimum rewards already give a large amount of Glory Crystals while the top rewards can include multiple items such as a Mount, Special Title, Special Powers, Effects and Recognitions and, of course, a large load of Glory Crystals.

Note for the picture below and in general: exact amounts of all rewards depends on Class Wars version installed and can be modified over time as the game develops.

Class Wars Rewards

The Class Wars Predictions / Guessing

The Guessing System in Class Wars is a system where any player can place a guess on who will win the top 3 rankings for his or her own class. This is eligible for level 35 and above and requires Glory Crystals. Glory Crystals can be gotten from the Preliminaries and/or buying Glory Crystals with balens (can purchase minimum 600 and maximum 5000).

Winning the Guessing System is extremely difficult as you have to guess correctly every single one of those rankings out of 100 powerful players, but if you do guess correctly you will win from 1.5x to 20x the amount of invested glory crystals depending on a formula which takes into account both your investment and total wagers made, i.e. the bigger the Prize Pool the bigger the rewards.

Losing will also not leave you empty handed – you will still receive half as many glory crystals as the balens you invested.
Many players who buy balens use the Guessing System in order to indirectly buy special items with balens which are normally not available otherwise.

Note #1: the word “Wagers” on the picture below is most likely not going to be used for Wartune Hall of Heroes.
Note #2: this picture is rare example of a large winner who managed to guess all Top 3 correctly.

Winner of 12,000 Glory Crystals -

The Class Wars’ Glory Shop

The Glory Shop is a special shop which belongs to the Class Wars system and therefore can only be accessed during the Class Wars and it sells unique or rare items which are available only for Glory Crystals, which is the currency of the Glory Shop / Class Wars.

The Glory Crystals will disappear / be reset 3 days after Class Wars’ Finals so do not try to save them up. Spend all you have.

The Glory Shop contains:

The Glory Shop contents are often similar from one month to another, however they can and do change either to a lesser or greater degree both in the number of available items as well as their prices (for example some prices might reduce over time). The general categories of items which can be found in the Glory Shop include:

  • Mounts, both weaker and very powerful.
  • Packs of legendary stones.
  • Packs or individual runestones.
  • Consumables, typically Mount Spirits, Mount Whips, Soul and Shadow Crystals.

WHOH Glory Shop December 2014

Items Glory Crystal Cost
Shadow Crystal 1
Soul Crystal 2
Mount Training Whip 10
Runestone(50EXP) 15
Level 60 Legendary Stone Pack (5) 250
Level 70 Legendary Stone Pack (5) 540
Medium Runestone 60
Large Runestone 400
Mount Spirit 200
Pig Card 2000
Wildfire Steed Card 5000

Class Wars Timezones

Generally Class Wars is communicated / advertised as a cross server event, which is correct, but it also normally respects timezones so that US players for example fight among US server, because mixing up US, EU and Oceanic into one battle would create a big difficulty with timings for everyone.

Note: the first Class Wars in December 2014 will actually include all-in-one; 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT.

For reference: 30+ Class Wars Videos by COSMOS

This is for reference only since the videos are from the web version of the game which is somewhat different, but it can already help you a lot to answer a lot of your questions and guide you in many aspects. Thanks to Elia who has created a Video Playlist of all our Class Wars videos / recordings with gameplay, strategies, tips, tricks and you can find this here with recordings since June 2013 every month until today: If the link does not work at some point, you can just Google Wartune Class Wars Cosmos to find everything.


Hope you enjoyed this guide,
GM Cosmos

Lots of things are coming to Wartune Hall of Heroes! So keep playing! Keep fighting! Keep getting stronger! And have fun! 🙂

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