Class Advancement Main Quests and Dragon Soul

Greetings Heroes! In this post we share with you the walk-through of the Class Advancement Main Quests and Dragon Soul in Wartune HOH, which arrived in the game update v5.1 in March 2016. Thanks to Misty for this preparation!

Update 5.1 – How to get class advancement quest done

  1. Power to path quest – In order to complete this quest; we need to clear void nightmare dungeon. Please do not use attempt on this mpd if you are interested in doing higher lvl mpds. Quest will be completed if you clear the final boss (with or without attempts). After clearing this quest, you will receive the dragon egg.
  2. Class advancement quest I – Collect dragon scales. Click on the quest in the main tab and it will take you to a solo dungeon. You will have to defeat all 5 bosses to complete this quest. You will obtain dragon scales after completing the quest.
  3. Class advancement quest II – Talk to brad. You will have to navigate your toon to brad in cloud city and talk to him (Easiest of all quests xD).
  4. Class advancement quest III – In order to complete this quests you need to collect dragon essence and increase your dragon soul to legendary dragon soul.

Ways to obtain dragon essence:

  • Tormented necropolis
  • Mpds (Nirvana nm, lych lair nm preferably) other mpds also drop dragon essence
  • Dragon invasion (Cannot be unlocked till class advancement, so first two are the preferred choice for completing class advancement quest III)

Drop rates of dragon essence:

  • 10 dragon essence if you have cleared lvl 25 necropolis (1(lvl 5)+1(lvl 10)+2 (lvl 15)+2 (lvl 20)+4 (lvl 25))
  • 14 dragon essence if you have cleared 30 necropolis (1+1+2+2+4+4)(Info from Bendar)

Drop rates from mpds

  • Nirvana nm – 2 dragon essence from each boss (so 4 in total)
  • Lych lair nm – 1 from each boss (2 plus drop rates from mini boss)

Dragon essence required for achieving legend dragon soul

  • 6 dragon essence for first lvl (1% hp)
  • 15 dragon essence for second lvl (uncommon dragon soul) (1% patk, 1%matk)
  • 30 dragon essence for third lvl (rare dragon soul) – personally confirmed till this point xD (1% mdef, pdef)
  • Assumption for the rest (From
    • 50 dragon essence for fourth lvl (Epic dragon soul) (+1% PATK / MATK/ PDEF/ MEDF/ Max HP)
    • 72 dragon essence for fifth lvl (Legendary dragon soul) (+1% PATK / MATK/ PDEF/ MDEF/ Max HP)

So overall, 173 dragon souls might be required to finish the class advancement quest. Based on the drop rates tally, it will take 13 days fro players who finished necro 25 and do nirvana nm. For players who have cleared lvl 30, it will take 10 days to complete the quest.

Video: Class Advancement Main Quests and Dragon Soul

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