Class Advancement Guide

In Wartune Hall of Heroes game update v5.1 players will be able to advance their class to higher level via Class Advancement.

Class Advancement System

Once the player reaches Level 80 and unlocks the Dragon Soul system, the players will receive the Class Advancement Main Quest.

Dragon King Abyss:

Class Advancement I: Go to campaign “Dragon King Abyss” and defeat Hillis. (Note: “Dragon King Abyss” cannot be entered via campaign and can only be accessed through the Quest Guide on the left of the screen. Players can only access the campaign when they are in Cloud City or Main City. )

There are a total of 5 bosses in the campaign, with the one in the middle as the main BOSS. Players must kill the 4 bosses around the center BOSS first before unlocking the chain to attack the main BOSS (there is no limitation on the order of killing those 4 bosses). Players must kill all 5 bosses in one attempt in order to complete the quest. If the player leaves the campaign in without killing all 5 bosses, the bosses will respawn and reset upon re-entering the campaign. If the player just went offline, he or she will still remain in the campaign when returning to the game.

Dragon King Abyss - Class Advancement Guide

Dragon King Abyss 2 - Class Advancement Guide

Class Advancement II: Talk to NPC “Brad” after clearing the “Dragon King Abyss” campaign to complete the second Class Advancement quest.

Talk to Brad NPC - Class Advancement Guide

Talk to Brad NPC 2 - Class Advancement Guide

Class Advancement III: Raise Dragon Soul to become “Legendary Dragon Soul” and then talk to NPC Brad to complete Class Advancement III. This will be the end of all Class Advancement quests.

Dragon Soul - Dragon Soul System Guide WHOH

Systems that unlocks upon completion of Class Advancement:

  • Advanced Skills
  • Dragon Invasion
  • Holy Forge
  • Defend Sylph Atoll

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  1. Why do you make him so hard to beat…i can easily kill the 4 chain bosses but the dragon killes me way to easy i dont get it…its like when ever i get close to killing him he gets to attk twice or had double strength…or sometimes o dont even get close because it do3snt allow me to do my full dmg…some times one atk does over 100k and others does 35k but same enemy same atk…it makes no since

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    • well i thought it was not so difficult, i kinda breezed through it, maybe your br just wasn’t up to par.

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    • i killed the dragon in my first attempt having 397k br

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