Christmas NY Stars and Wine Events

Greetings Heroes! Good news! I received an approval to run additional rewards / events for Christmas / New Year called the “Christmas NY Stars and Wine Events”. These are all in addition to all other events and here are their details:

Events’ Concept

Giving lots of Berdim’s Wine and Maps rewards / presents to all players and wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!

Events List & Rewards

Gift Rose (Dec 23 – 25)

Daily rewards: Gift Rose x10 and receive 2x Rose + 2x Berdim’s Wine + 20,000 gold.

Login to Wartune (Dec 24 – 26)

Daily rewards: Rewards for all players: 1x Berdim’s Wine + 1x Rare Map + 100,000 gold
Daily rewards: Additional rewards for VIP players: 1x Berdim’s Wine + 1x Epic Map + 200,000 gold

Find Orange Astral (Dec 27 – 29)

Daily rewards: Find Orange Astral x1 and receive 2x Berdim’s Wine + 5x 1-5 Gem Pack + 20,000 daru

New Year 2016 Astrals (Dec 30 – Jan 1)

Daily rewards: Collect Astral x2016 and receive 3x Berdim’s Wine + 1x Legend Map + 2016 Kyanite

So again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!
GM Cosmos & The Wartune Team

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