Christmas NY Socks on sale

Greetings Heroes! Christmas NY Socks have arrived to the Shop in Wartune Hall of Heroes with great deals for everyone! There are 4 types of socks and they are available for 2015 Christmas and New Year.

Christmas NY Sock #1

This one is a good all around package – 550 balens.

1 Good Luck Charm
1 Fashion Core
3 Berdim’s Wine
2x 11 Roses
1 Heaven Horn

Christmas NY Sock #2

This package focuses on resources to get stronger – 550 balens.

5 Mahra
5 Sylph Sepulcrums
20 Mount Training Whip
40 Soul Crystal
25 Fate Stone

Christmas NY Sock #3

This package launches for the first time the Divinity Shards and is a great all around sylph strengthening pack – 550 balens.

3 Divinity Shard
5 Star Tears Shard
15 Star Sand
5 Mahra
5 Sylph Sepulcrums

Christmas NY Sock #4

This package focuses to help lower level / lower BR players to boost themselves upwards – 125 balens.

100k Gold
10 Crypt Tokens
5 Shadow Crystal
5 Skeleton Key
2 x Level 3 Bonus EXP Scroll

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