Char Overview, World Boss and Sky Trail videos by Misty

Greetings Heroes! In this post I share with you 3 videos made by Misty which cover her Character Overview, showing the mage class World Boss rotation and the battle in Sky Trail against the boss of stage 2-10. I hope you enjoy the videos and get nice tips from them! Here they are:

Wartune HOH Character Overview Mage 162k BR – Misty

Notable accomplishments:
• Sky trial 3-2
• Necropolis lvl 25
• Finished class wars (Jan 2016) with a rank of 40

Wartune HOH World Boss Attack Rotation with Cerberus – Misty mage class

Mage skill rotation with bolt, rain of fire and thunderer. Important to use runes (Chaos, amnesia) that cause damage. Can get 10 hits per sylph round if timed correctly.

Wartune HOH Sky Trail Stage 2-10 by Misty mage with Cerberus

Need a bit of luck to clear 2-10.
Key points:

  • Troops behind – Because the whirlwind attack is random, and you want to protect yourself from getting hit by that
  • Block build
  • Regen astral is a must. Helps with 50k heals

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