Battleground Brackets

Hi guys, a useful piece of reference information here: Wartune’s Battleground Brackets. Be aware of them to make sure you have the most success in the Battleground event.

For those who are not aware, Battleground Brackets are the rules by which Wartune puts you, based on your level, in various Battleground rooms. If you accidentally go into a higher bracket then you will all of a sudden face much stronger opponents and die a lot and lose honor.

How to read the Battleground Brackets chart:

The numbers in yellow are levels. So from level 30 to level 39 is bracket 1 and from level 35 to level 44 is bracket 2.

As you can see the brackets overlap so for example if you are level 47 sometimes you will be placed in a weaker room with levels 40 to 49 and sometimes you will be placed in a higher bracket room with levels 45 to 54. Note that you can exit the Battleground and re-enter in 5 minutes (there is a 5 min. penalty) in the hopes of falling into the lower room.

At the bottom numbers 1 to 9 are just categories of brackets, so the lowest #1 is the lowest bracket of levels 30 to 39 and the highest #9 is the top bracket of levels 70 to 80.

Battleground Brackets Chart / Table:

Battleground Brackets Chart -

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