1st Gods Decent Event on Saturday 21 Nov 2015

Greetings Heroes, the Wartune Team will launch the first Gods Decent Event on Saturday Nov. 21 at noon on each server and the event will end Monday Nov. 23 at noon on each server.

==>     Event Icon will show up one day before the event.
==>     Event Icon will show one day after the event to show player rewards.
==>     Rewards are sent out Tuesday at noon.

Gods Decent Info:

New major event which is manually launched.
Players get to fight bosses which get harder and harder. Each boss must be killed within 30 minutes or his health will refill. Attempts can be gotten over time or purchased. Each boss will give players rewards and the first person who kills the boss on the server will get a special reward!
There is also a Lucky Prize which rewards an additional prize to people at certain (lower) rankings.

Gods Decent Rewards:

I cannot say at this moment if the below rewards information is 100% correct, but i think it’s correct:

On top of the below, as mentioned, there are special First Kill rewards.

1st place
  • Heaven Horns x20
  • Sepulcrum x300
  • Star Tear Shard x200
  • Will Crystal Shards x400
2nd place
  • Heaven Horns x10
  • Sepulcrum x150
  • Star Tear Shard x100
  • Will Crystal Shards x200
3rd place
  • Heaven Horns x5
  • Sepulcrum x75
  • Star Tear Shard x50
  • Will Crystal Shards x100
4-10 rank
  • Heaven Horns x4
  • Sepulcrum x60
  • Star Tear Shard x40
  • Will Crystal Shards x90
11-20 rank
  • Heaven Horns x3
  • Sepulcrum x50
  • Star Tear Shard x30
  • Will Crystal Shards x80
21-50 rank
  • Heaven Horns x2
  • Sepulcrum x40
  • Star Tear Shard x20
  • Will Crystal Shards x70
50 and lower
  • Heaven Horns x1
  • Sepulcrum x30
  • Star Tear Shard x10
  • Will Crystal Shards x60
Lucky Prize
  • 1,000,000 gold
  • for ranks: 32, 35, 37, 48, 50, 65, 75, 84, 92, 99

Gods Decent rewards

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