14th May GB and Screenshots

Hey guys, with the Guild Battle up and running as of this week, people are having lots of fun. On Wednesday we had a great Guild Battle between Asgard and Ashura and although for me it was at 3 am at night I stayed up to take part in the fun and took a bunch of screenshots for everyone to enjoy and remember.

First up we got the Countdown right before the battle begins:

I took the first mini tower on the bottom right, which starts giving me 5000 guild battle points but more importantly gives regular points to the guild as long as we hold it.

Here we got an epic 4 versus 4 battle with Feklar stunning zach with holy seal on his last life (but we do lose it still :P)

And accidentally I get into a battle with the War Chariot (ooooo), which I totally did not intend to do because I know a thing or two about Wartune 🙂 hehe

Our Guild, Asgard, is losing to Ashura:


A whole bunch of people fighting:

I reached the enemy Ward Tower and also showing the guild battle abilities:

the battle is starting to take a U-turn, the score stands at: Asgard 2163 and Ashura 2253 with 2 mini-towers holding each. Also showing here the power ups that are active:

The epic battle continues with very tight score on both sides – everyone is fighting hard: here you see a massive offensive by Ashura on the bottom right mini-tower and the scores standing at Ashura 3000 and Asgard taking over by 18 points at 3018:

We had a funny issue with the War Chariots not moving and also piling up next to the Ward Tower – probably this will be fixed straight away so it’s a one off screenshot for fun:

Devy is saying “Fantastic job everyone :)” as Asgard captures all 4 of the mini-towers and is at 3637 points taking the lead from Ashura’s 3339.

Another 4 versus 4 battle, we do win this one, but I am first to die because I was the only one in the beginning 🙂

A massive battle at the bottom left tower, thumbs up to Ashura for fighting to the very end! Most other guilds have long already finished their Guild Battles, but ours went the full duration, the entire hour (1 minute left on the countdown clock).

+80 points for Asgard tick score added, Feklar super happy and excited in his battle rage and I am doing a very beautiful Sniper shot on the enemy Ward Tower:

Both sides congratulate each other on this epic Guild Battle!

And finally the results of Round 2 for all the guilds. Great job everyone!


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  1. GBs are a ton of fun and looks like you guys had a blast! Good luck with your final battle!

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